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Yang Ming Line, Taiwan’s national shipping line, is among the top 10 leading container carriers in the world covering all major trade lanes.

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Emirates Shipping Line headquartred at Dubai is an excellent niche carrier in the container sector operating in the trades: East Africa - Middle East/Asia/India.

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  Break Bulk & Ro/Ro Carriers

In today's world most of us are dealing mainly with containers – nevertheless there are cargoes exceeding the possibilities of Flat Rack or Open Top Containers. For these cargoes we offer valid solutions with first class carriers and like to give you an overview about our worldwide Breakbulk services:

BOCS, North Europe – West Africa

COLI Group, Europe/Med. - Asia & any type of Crosstrade

North Europe – US-Great Lakes

fair, creative, efficient

  About us

As independent shipping agents in the regular liner sector, we provide customers with first class connections to most of the world‘s trading centers.

By doing business since 1992 we established ABACUS as a watchword for reliability with customers and suppliers. The slogan of our trading philosophy are incorporated in our logo. We are FAIR, CREATIVE and EFFICIENT.

We employ our capabilities like dominoes, arranging them consistently and with careful consideration. Business partners – customers and shipping lines – are treated as people to whom we endeavour daily to give our best.

We collaborate with reliable, renowned shipping lines. Your enquiries and orders are handled with speed and efficiency with our advanced data processing facilities.

We believe obvious solutions are not always the best. By supplementing our skills and experience with creative, imaginative qualities, we constantly find new and satisfactory ways of fulfilling your needs.

To optimally fulfill our function as mediators, we maintain excellent relations with both customers and shipping lines.

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AB SPEDLOGSWISS – Reederei Agenten
(Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen / Deutsch)

GC SPEDLOGSWISS – Swiss Shipping Agents
(General conditions / English)

AB SPEDLOGSWISS – Allg. Bedingungen
(Verband schweizerischer Speditions- und Logistikunternehmen / Deutsch)

GC SPEDLOGSWISS – General Conditions
(Swiss freight forwarding and logistics association / English)

Contact us

General Manager / Owner
Ralf Brink-Chau
T: +41 61 638 93 91

Patrizia Mentil
T: +41 61 638 93 94

Bernadette Gempp
T: +41 61 638 93 85

EXPORT Operations / Sales
Christoph Bolliger
T: +41 61 638 93 93

Diren Yüksel
T: +41 61 638 93 86

IMPORT Operations
Manuela Joan Meyer
T: +41 61 638 93 96

Barbara Shutt
T: +41 61 638 93 88

Ermin Popovic
T: +41 61 638 93 93

Luigi Casella
T: +41 61 638 93 99

  Neuhausstrasse 1, CH-4019 Basel, Switzerland


Neuhausstrasse 1
CH – 4019 Basel

T: +41 61 638 93 93
F: +41 61 638 93 90


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